Comforts began as a full-service restaurant and has evolved to a more casual café serving breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch seven days a week, 8:30 am to 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday, and 8:30 am to 3:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday.

We take pride in our menu, which changes weekly, relying heavily on seasonal offerings. Our menu is usually mixed cuisine, with specialities from Latin America, Asia, and Europe - a real California mix.

Special requests are always welcome, and we try to accommodate special diets and allergies. Our "choice" options recognize our and our customers' concerns for eating healthy ingredients and portions.




Kid's Menu


Lunch Menu -  June 14 - 20 
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Little Favorites

Dungeness Crab Cakes, panko-crusted, seasoned and served with a roasted pepper aioli  8.95

Tempura Asparagus,
  served with a wasabi-soy mayonnaise  5.95

Shrimp & White Corn Fritters, 
with green chilies and garlic; served with a chipotle aioli  7.50


Griddled Cheese, Tomato & Fried Egg Sandwich,  with fontina, white cheddar and mascarpone on griddled brioche; served with a small garden salad  10.50

Chicken "Schnitzel" Sandwich,  with melted gruyere, tomatoes, dill pickles and whole-grain mustard and a mayonnaise on toasted rye; served with a creamy cole slaw  11.95

Seared Tombo Tuna Nicoise Sandwich,  with tomato, green beans, hard-boiled egg, marinated red onions and a green olive and anchovy aioli on toasted sourdough; served with French fries  13.50


Fried Calamari Salad,  with mixed greens, Asian pears and toasted crushed peanuts in a lime-soy-sesame vinaigrette  13.50

Filet of Wild Local Salmon Salad,  with tossed greens, roasted fingerling potatoes, marinated asparagus, mini croutons anda sherry vinaigrette 14.95

Korean-Style Tacos,
with grilled flank steak, tomatoes and kimchee; served with Spanish rice and a cucumber-carrot salad  12.95

Chicken Pot Pie,
with seasonal vegetables in a bechamel sauce topped with puff pastry; served with dressed greens  11.95

Choice Cuisine (for the calorie-conscious):     

Black Bean Cakes,   served with roasted butternut squash and a cucumber, tomato and feta salad  (approx. 495 cal)  10.95

Thai Shredded Poached Chicken Salad, 
with shredded cabbage, carrots, green papaya, cucumbers, tomatoes, scallions, basil and mint in a lime and herb dressing  11.50


Prather Ranch All-American Chuck Burger , with your choice of cheese, grilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce and Comforts’ secret sauce;  served with french fries 10.95

Comforts Vegetarian Burger, with your choice of cheese, grilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce and Comforts’ secret sauce;  served with french fries 9.95

Chicken Okasan
, tender pieces of chicken breast crusted in panko, flash-fried and dipped in our house teriyaki sauce; served with ginger-scented jasmine rice and sautéed vegetables 9.95

Chinese Chicken Salad, sliced barbequed chicken, toasted almonds, toasted sesame seeds, green onions, lettuce and deep-fried rice noodles tossed with a rice vinaigrette (marinated, barbecued tofu can be substituted) small 8.50  large 11.50

Caesar Salad, romaine hearts, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, polenta croutons and tossed in our house Caesar dressing 8.95   with sliced, roasted chicken  10.95

Chicken Taco Salad, marinated chicken, black beans, tomatoes, avocado, Sonoma jack cheese, tortilla chips and lettuce tossed in a roasted chili-tomato vinaigrette      small $8.95     large 12.95

Fresh Mixed Garden Salad, with assorted field greens and lettuces, served with choice of tarragon, balsamic or sherry vinaigrette   small 4.95 large 6.95 with jack or cheddar cheese, add 1.50
with brie, blue, jarlsberg or goat cheese, add $2.00

Soups of the Day
cup   2.95    bowl 4.95


Soft Spring Rolls,
  filled with prawns, avocado, jicama, carrots, mint and lettuce;  served with a sweet chili sauce and mixed greens in an oil-free cilantro vinaigrette (510 cal) 9.95 appetizer portion:  two rolls, four pieces 5.00

Lite Chinese Chicken Salad,  with marinated chicken, lettuce, toasted almonds, sesame seeds, green onions and dry-baked noodles tossed in an oil-free rice vinaigrette (493 cal) 8.95


Sautéed Vegetables 4.95
Steamed Vegetables 3.95
Steamed Jasmine Rice 2.50
Sour Cream Garlic Mashed Potatoes 2.50
Soup of the Day      Cup 2.95        Bowl 4.95
Black Bean Chili      Cup  3.50 Bowl  4.95

P L E A S E   H E L P   U S   C O N S E R V E !

Water Served Upon Request

Meat can be eliminated from many dishes and substitutions are available for vegetarians.

At Comforts, we only use hormone-free, free-range beef.

Not every single ingredient is listed for every dish; please notify your server

of any food allergies, dietary needs, and/or requests you may have;

we are happy to accommodate your needs whenever possible.

The Café uses rice bran oil for deep-frying and expeller-pressed safflower or olive oil for all other uses.

Corkage fee is 7.00.   
Split Plate/Share Charge is 1.50.

$7.00 Per Person Minimum Charge 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

A 17% service charge will be added for parties of 5 or more.