What’s Cookin’

The cool, crisp air is a welcome relief to the hot summer months, especially since it brings with it delicious pumpkins, all types of winter squash, and the most fun holiday of the year – Halloween!

Our Halloween Menu is full of fun and festive ideas for your Halloween gathering. From Corn Dogs “on a spike” and “Killer” Flank Steak Skewers, to beautifully-decorated witches hat sugar cookies and delicious pumpkin bread, we’ve got something for every ghost and goblin!

Contact our catering department at 415-454-9840 to place your orders. All orders must be placed by Tuesday, October 29th. Happy Halloween!

Fall is our favorite season because it invokes all of those comforting and warming flavors. Varieties of heirloom apples are barreling in, and we’re using them in our Roast Pork & Caramelized Apple Hash, Apple Crumb Pie, Apple-Caramel Pancakes, and so much more!

Chicken Pot Pies, Country Beef Stews, Hungarian Goulash and Thai Curried Chicken are back in our case, and our ever popular Wor Won Ton Soup is back on our cafe menu. So, come on in and enjoy the comforts of fall!


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